(Kinnebrew, John / Gossard, James) 2023

(Spacecoast Red Mammoth) x (seedling
4-16=(Spacecoast Tequila Sunrise x
(Unbound x Spacecoast Rose Queen)))

Seedling number 145-18

Tetraploid 26" Early Midseason Evergreen
emo fr 6.5-7 " 5-6 way branching 28-32
buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloomer.

Very good rust, leaf streak and insect

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 5-10

Flowers are orange red with lighter
starburst patterned watermark and edge
and yellow green throat. Spacecoast Red
Mammoth ups the size of our orange line. It
is rare to find oranges that are this large.
Excellent plant habit, branching and bud
count makes for a grand garden plant as
well as hybridizing parent.