(Kinnebrew, John / Gossard, James) 2023

(Bumble Bee Blitz) x (Spacecoast Stairway
to Heaven)

Seedling number 260-18

Tetraploid 28" Early Season
Semi-Evergreen emo fr 3.5 to 3.9 " 4-5 way
branching 22-26 buds.

Fertile both ways. Rebloomer.

Very good rust, leaf streak and insect

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 5-10

Flowers are mauve with a darker purple
eye and edge with a green throat. Two of
our best Spacecoast little flowers crossed
together. Lots of converted genetics in this
flower, including tetra Pixie Pinwheel Party,
tetra Spellfire, tetra Christmas Is, tetra
W-29 seedling of Benz , tetra Siloam
Virginia Henson, tetra Witch's Thimble,
tetra Moonlight Mist, tetra Sabie and
probably tetra Dragons Eye. Excellent
plant habit, branching, bud count which
makes for a grand garden cultivar.