(Webster-Cobb-Gossard ) 2018

(Webster's Red Knight) x (Red Suspenders

Seedling number TRW

Tetraploid 36" Early Season
Semi-Evergreen emo fr 7.5" 5-6 way
branching 24-38 buds. Fertile both ways.
Strong Rebloomer.

Very good rust, leaf streak and insect
resistance. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

Flowers are cardinal red with a green
throat. Last of the Webster-Cobb selected
seedlings to be introduced by me. In Texas
for Mr. Cobb, he said was one of the best
of the Webster's. It had continuous
rebloom on 8 1/2 inch cardinal red flowers.
In Ohio, it grew well and rebloomed several
times. However, in Florida garden, it was
continuous. The strongest reblooming
daylily I have seen in the south. As a
hybridizing flower, it produces extreme
branching and rebloom in kids. We have
seen both round and narrow forms,
depending on how one uses it. We have
several round forms, as well as narrow
UFO forms first generation to be
introduced in the future. An outstanding
garden and show flower. A super easy pod
and pollen parent. Rapid increaser, thus
low price and double fans.