(Kinnebrew, John / Gossard, James) 2018

(Spacecoast Red Ruffles) x (Spacecoast
Frances Busby x (My Sunny Valentine x
Spacecoast Blood Diamond))

Seedling number C24

Tetraploid 31" Early Midseason Evergreen
emo fr 4" 5-6 way branching 24-36 buds.
Fertile both ways. Rebloomer.

Very good rust, leaf streak and insect
resistance. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

Spacecoast Sweet Cherry Pie was
originally set to be introduced last year, but
she is SO good, we wanted to be able to
have plenty of stock so everyone could
have a piece of this pie. Named for the
kickin' song by Warrant, this rockin' babe
will dance into your garden and make her
presence known with her luscious cherry
red color, beautiful watermark and bold
gold wire edge. Her bloom may only be 4"
but she packs a whallop with her 5-6 way
branching and whopping 24-36 buds.
Every time we see her, she brings to mind
the song- "She's my Cherry Pie, put a
smile on your face 10 miles wide, looks so
good bring a tear to your eye, Sweet
Cherry Pie!" An outstanding garden and
show flower. A very easy pod and pollen