(Kinnebrew, John / Gossard, James) 2018

(Spacecoast Saltwater Taffy) x
(Spacecoast Sweet Tarts)

Seedling number C23

Tetraploid 34" Early Midseason Evergreen
emo fr 7" 4-5 way branching 22-28 buds.
Fertile both ways. Rebloomer.

Very good rust, leaf streak and insect
resistance. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

Spacecoast Storm is a uniquely colored
red wine color with a light pink watermark
that just Blows you away. Her Huge
blooms are a whopping 7 inches, with thick
substance. Taffeta-like ruffles on her white
edges make for a stunning display. Storm
is deeply branched with nice strong
show-quality scapes and lots of blooms. A
Great garden and show flower, stunning in
a clump. A very easy pod and pollen