(Kinnebrew, John / Gossard, James) 2018

(Spacecoast Spooky Maze) x (Spacecoast
Blue Eyed Majesty)

Seedling number C46

Tetraploid 36" Early Season Evergreen
emo fr 5.5" 4-6 way branching 22-32 buds.
Fertile both ways. Rebloomer.

Very good rust, leaf streak and insect
resistance. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

Spacecoast Morning Rain has so many
facets that make it unique and outstanding.
It exhibits a veritable Rainbow of colors in
its eyezone, with blue, violet, purple, and
maroon, highlighted by a very green throat.
An outstanding, vigorous garden flower, it
also has an excellent scape and will make
a prize-winning show flower as well. A very
easy pod and pollen parent.
Early season photo
Later season photo