Tetraploid 28" Early Midseason
Semi-Evergreen emo fr 8.5" 3-4 way
branching 18-22 buds. Fertile both ways.
Very good rust, leaf streak and insect

Flowers are rose pink with a lighter
feathered (patterned) watermark above a
very green throat. This is my favorite
introduction of this year, a flower I have
been dreaming about getting. For many
years I disliked nocturnal daylilies because
they start opening the night before and
lose color by noon and close up by late
afternoon. Living in the north we have cold
nights, 50 degrees F sometimes. As a
result flowers open poorly, the pattern
daylilies seem to be the worst. I wanted a
daylily that was perfect in the mornings
after a cold night but yet take the high heat
and still look good at 8 PM. Everyone said
could not be done. However with this new
line from tetra 'Rose F. Kennedy' and tetra
'Emerald Starburst' I got what I was looking
for. 'Spacecoast Rose Queen', 'Don't
Tread On Me', 'Pure Hearts' and 'Purple
Goliath' are the first of many future
generations which corrects for this problem in the north and the south. Soon we will have broken patterns around the
edges as a result of the eye zone becoming the edge, which can be the patterned part of the daylily. Because the
substance and color saturation is so good in 'Spacecoast Rose Queen', 'Don't Tread On Me', 'Pure Hearts' and 'Purple
Goliath', it takes a very good broken pattern breeder to give you want you want. A super good parent for hybridizing
large patterned daylilies with toothy edges as well, since it has small fringy teeth on the petal edges. 'Spacecoast Rose
Queen' is very pod fertile. Pollen is great to, but you can set so many pods why even use the pollen. LoL This is a very
important daylily for the hybridizer.We have quite a few future introductions coming from 'Spacecoast Rose Queen'. A
super good daylily for the garden as well. Fertile both ways.

(Rose Nouveau) x (tetra Rose F. Kennedy)