(Kinnebrew, John / Gossard, James) 2019

(Spacecoast Cheese Whiz) x (Spacecoast
Lemon Pie)

Seedling number C5

Tetraploid 22" Early season Evergreen
emo fr 3 3/4-4" 4-7 way branching 22-36
buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloomer.
Very good rust, leaf streak and insect
resistance. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

Spacecoast Cheddar Beauty is a real
eye-catcher in the garden. Cheddar
Beauty is being introduced for its heavy
substance and ruffling, great color, perfect
flower form and tremendous branching and
bud count. Out of our popular Spacecoast
Cheese Whiz, this perfect little show flower
takes the color of its parent and deepens
it, producing a blazing spot of color in the
garden. It has a very long bloom time in the
garden, reblooming for months. I have
grown Spacecoast Cheddar Beauty under
the seedling number C5 for several years
in our Ohio garden and has performed very
well with out any mulching. It is an
Outstanding small garden and show flower.